Sunday, November 19, 2006

Other embarrassing moments

K so I've decided to list a couple other embarrassing moments, not necessarily on the big stage, but embarrasing nonetheless.

One in particular that comes to mind happened when I was living in Hollywierd, 1 block north of Hollywood Blvd on Yucca. This was in the late 80's and was the time when the big hair bands were vastly dying on the Hollywood scene. Our band manager, Carla, and I had decided to go to this beauty salon on Sunset and get some hair supplies and try to find a new look. The band I was in was pretty popular so I had to play out the rock star image. Anyway, here we are, picking up supplies and getting ideas from one of the employees, who seemed real eager to help, in fact, she offered to come to our residence and actually do the new styling that she was recommending. We were impressed that she would go to such lengths to please paying customers. So after giving her directions and exchanging a few pleasantries, I headed toward the door. To me, the door appeared to be open. What I found out tho was that it apparently was a very clean piece of glass which I walked directly into and knocked myself on my arse. I turned in time to see everyone in the salon laughing at me as my face was probably the brightest shade of red ever seen. I really didn't think the stylist would show up later but she did and all was well except it was hard for her to keep a straight face whenever she looked at me.

Another one that comes to mind, we were playing at the grand opening of a rock and roll clothing store in Fullerton CA. KNAC's Leather Princess was the guest hostess. It was actually a big event. The store, Rocking Horse Rockwear, had set up a stage in the alley behind their store. They were one of our sponsors and we received some pretty cool outfits. I don't know if you remember "Lip Service" but we were all given the new attire to promote along with new boots and other accessories.
Well it was showtime and we all walked out on stage with our new clothes, spiked hair and of course makeup. We were one of Hollywoods newest "Glam bands" on the scene. There were hundreds of people there in that ally. I literally was surprised. We started the song "The Walk" and as I did a drop kick, I came down on my left foot but it kept going right thru the stage. Apparently the people who built the stage thought that 1/4 " plywood would be sufficient. NOT!!! Fortunately the stage was only 2 feet high but the hole was pretty secure to my leg and I was stuck. Picture this, one leg thru a hole, the other extended in front of me with my bass resting on it and I managed to finish the song with hundreds of people pointing at with a look on their faces of "What the "F" is he doing?" In the words of Bobcat regarding the Rodney King incident..."Can you maybe put the camera down and help me?" That was exactly how I felt. Instead of pointing, could you please help me up...sure would be nice. I guess I was pretty lucky that we didn't run one song right into another. I finally got help after we finished the song. I guess the show must go on and everything turned out okay after that. Still, it was pretty embarrassing being stuck in that position for 4 minutes with hundreds looking at you, especially our big debut with a radio personality from KNAC, which was the big metal station in the LA area. But most important, I got a hug from the leather princess...she said she felt bad for me, you know, the being stuck and all.

If you have any moments that you would like to share, fell free to add comments or your story.


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