Sunday, February 04, 2007

I won the Lottery....C-ya

It was only $2 tho. :( I guess I have to stick around a while longer. I often fantasize about winning the big pot though. I have to wonder how it would change my life and the life of those around me. I know as far as those around me...loved ones and friends( the friends that were friends before I won), they would definatlely be taken care of for life financially. But how would it change me? What do you do with all that new found money. I read where people have gone nuts and blown all their winnings and wind up being poor again only this time it's harder because they got used to the lavish lifestyle. I'd like to think that I wouldn't be that way. Of course I would buy a few things and spoil myself and a few others right away, but I think I would rather put the bulk of it away for at least a year and think about what to do with all that money. During that first year, of course, we'd be living in a nice house on a lake or in the woods by a lake or something of that nature. There would have to be some acreage involved for the dogs to have a place to run around and maybe poop in the woods so I don't have to clean it :D I think ther would also have to be a tennis/basketball/ice skating area by the pool. Can't be too healthy lol. Ideally, I would want something like in "Funny Farm" with Chevy Chase...without the strange neighbors.

I'd also like to think that I could do some good with the money. For about the past 20 years or so, I've wanted to produce and play on a concept album and donate proceedings to shelters around the country. I even figured out how to distribute it so every community gets their share.
I figure that if you get a few big stars to play on it like Peter Gabriel, U2 or Sting, you know, people who like doing that sort of thing. it would sell better. For distribution, you would have these CD's for sale in a local music store or Walmart or whatever in a display. Say for example it cost $3 to make the cd, per 10,000, you give a store 100 to sell for $15. They get $1 for selling it, and the remaining $11 goes to a local shelter. Just for example, hypothetically this thing gets huge. You sell 100,000 cd's in L.A., that's $1,100,000 for shelters in the L.A. area. A small town in the midwest that doesn't have homeless or shelters yet has a comunity fund. They sell 100 cd's and would have $1100 in thier"Community Chest for emergencies or whatever. Everyone would benefit and I think it gives more incentive than the charities that go to one location. So many times, people ask you to contribute to a cause and only a small portion of what is raised actually goes to that cause. Of course to get this off the ground , I have to win the lottery to pay for the big stars and recording, pressing cd's and whatever other cost arise. I guess it has to be a big jackpot lol. But hey, if you reading this, know any big time rockstars, producers and/or whatever that would want to participate in this, let me know.

K, that was my good deed. For my lifestyle, I don't need a mansion cause basically, you have to then clean it or hire someone to clean it. I don't need 50 antique cars, armani suits( I don't own a suit now, why start ), pompous- hoity toity people telling me how to act proper and rich, a pedicure for my dogs , a maid or a butler, I do need someone to mow the lawn tho...not my favorite thing to do. I also don't need caviar, a yacht, tea and crumpets, knickers(for polo), gear to play polo... I think you get my point. What I do need...Red Wings season tickets, some good recording equipment, a Durango or Blazer to pull my fishing boat, a nice fire pit in the back yard(by the lake) for friends to roast mashmellows or weenies on hot summer nights with a couple 12 packs of beer, a Winnebago for travelling this great nation whenever we want, probably should get some new jeans, t-shirts and underwear, and maybe a decent haircut(still going to keep it long tho). I may have to splurge for a massage too. I've never had one professionally. I hear it's pretty nice. And if I don't get a house in the woods, I'll hire someone that did me wrong in the past to clean the dog poop in the yard. Oh, and a hammer for my alarm clock. Don't think I'll be returning to work.

That's just a few ideas I've had on what to do if I won the lottery. What would you do?


Blogger flyingsoon said...

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9:45 AM  
Anonymous lulu said...

i would continue to work- i would not tell anyone i'd won. then, as people started pissing me off, id just totally go off on them. i'd finally tell them exactly what i think. of course i'd wait to be provoked, and then just go on with normal business like nothing happend. id just keep doing that until they fired me- then id fight it. then id just disappear off the grid for a while, until i figured out my real goals.

9:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think I would call in sick every day for a year even after they fired me, just to annoy them. Other than that, I would most likely take a trip to the Bahamas

9:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

wouldn't you want to sponsor your creative friends? take what they love and make it lucrative for them. don't just give them shit but sponsor their ideas.

2:14 PM  
Blogger Spinner said...

That's actually a good idea. Too bad more people don't think that way.

10:31 AM  
Blogger mangadezi-jr said...

i would build an indoor skate park. just for me and my kids. maybe i'd hire some Lao people to cook me sticky rice, laab, fried chicken and papaya salad.
either that or just move to Thailand.
Or I'd just do what lulu said--oh wait, I'm doing that already--minus the millions . . .

11:45 AM  
Blogger Last Minute Lyn said...

I'd move to Florida now.

I like your idea's.
Definitely don't cut your hair.

8:12 AM  

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