Friday, October 05, 2007

It's hockey season YAY!!!!

I actually watched baseball this summer for lack of anything else to do. I hadn't watched baseball since their last strike. The Tigers, however, have done well the past 2 years so, I admit, I jumped on their bandwagon last year. Plus watching baseball will assist in giving you the long deserved nap that you've been neglecting to take. So basically, I got a lot of sleep this summer that I normally wouldn't have. But now, it's hockey season. That means late nights when Detroit is on the west coast. I rarely miss a game. Hockey is so much more exciting than all the other sports, including football. I like watching football too but hockey is non-stop action. Even when the play is stopped there is action. By this I mean the extra curricular activities shown here in the Drake - Perry fight. The Wings opened the season with a win over Stanley Cup Champions Anaslime Ducks. Personally I think the Wings look stronger this year and won't let teams walk on them as physically as they did last year. I look forward to the next 81 regular season games and the playoffs.


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