Thursday, February 07, 2008

Gimme a break

I saw this article on how basketball gets overlooked for most of the season and I thought to myself, "STOP YOUR WHINING". Geez, they make millions of dollars each year, it seems to be just about the only sport they talk about here locally this time of year ( and I live in Red Wing country). They said in the article that the NHL has a whole country...Canada. Well I don't live in Canada. The NBA has a whole country, it's called the USA. I'm sorry, but I would gladly accept a measley $50 million over 4 years to be unnoticed. Problem is that they are not unnoticed. If they don't get their way on the court, they find ways to get in the news off the court. Plus don't forget the endorsements they get. I'm just tired of all the overpaid athletes whining about this or that when they should be grateful. I would gladly put on some tennis shoes and run back and forth on a wooden court for an hour or 2 for a tenth, even a hundredth, of what they make. I would even make my tennis shoes extra squeaky if that would help. It just P's me off when local stations here give the bulk of their air time to Spartans and Pistons, and barely a mention of the league leading Red Wings, who by the way are on their way to a record breaking season. YAY!! Not that it's a major issue with me. Not, at least, until they started to whine about it.


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