Wednesday, February 06, 2008

The New Band

Hey all. The new band Jamboozle is up and running. Still have to pay some fees to get rid of those pesky banners. In due time my friends. Anyway, our debut at the Double Deuce went really well. No train wrecks on stage, had a good crowd and was also given return dates. Not too bad for only 3 weeks of serious practice. I guess it helps that we are all seasoned musicians. You can check some of the photos on the website, I'll have more on there in the next couple days. Well, since nothing funny or disasterous happened, I guess I'll keep this short. Felt bad the Patriots lost but honestly, I didn't really care anyway. Hopefully the Lions will at least make it to the Superbowl in my lifetime. Thank God I still have my Red Wings.
Peace out


Anonymous Tabitha said...

People should read this.

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