Thursday, May 08, 2008


Yup, not much to say lately. I have however started making comments daily on my MySpace page. Unfortunately you can only see them if you sign up and make me your friend. I guess I'll post a couple here to give you an example, I'm Mental Debris on MySpace. Here goes:

Mental Debris...

has seen the light and it burns his eyes.

while reaching for the stars, tripped over a rock.

has drank from the sacred cup and it burned his tongue.

was touched by an Angel, ...oops sorry, just a really really big moth, my bad.

was ordained by the prophets as the chosen clean the pastures

realized a little to late that the divine light in the sky was really police helicopters.

was given the key to life 2 hours before he discovered the hole in his pocket.

The list goes on. Sorry I've neglected my blog lately. I'll try to do better, maybe.
Have a great day y'all


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