Sunday, February 17, 2008

I was just wondering....

Do dogfish bark? Why doesn't anyone ever say goodbye on tv when talking on the phone? When is Global Warming going to reach Michigan...It's freakin' cold here. Does Dennis Kucinich wear lifts? Do people really care what you think? Is raising taxes on cigarettes discrimination towards people who smoke? If Barack Obama becomes president and has Hillary as VP, should he fear for his life? If someone knocks the wind out of you, can you still fart? Is it a long walk on a short pier for an ant? Do crickets play cricket? Are elephants afraid of Michael Jackson? Are ghosts afraid of each other? Is Ann Coulter really going to vote for Hillary? In an alternative universe, dog backwards would be god, would we be worshiping our pets? If John McCain shaved his head, would he look like Casper or Elmer Fudd? Why do people say "To look like a man, you have to have short hair"? Does that mean Jesus and or Moses looked like a girl? When was the last time Hillary Clinton or Nancy Pelosi got some? If you break a crumb in half and eat one of the pieces, is it a half of a crunb or just a crumb that's left? I just heard the Safety Dance on the radio. Has this song/dance ever really kept anyone safe? If you fall in the woods, will a tree hear you? If you catch a falling star and put it in your pocket, will your shirt catch on fire? If the air was made up of helium instead of oxygen, would Alvin and the chipmunks sound normal? They say everything comes in 3's, what do 3's come in? If your nose runs and your feet smell, are you built backwards?

Favorite Quote of the week, Norm MacDonald..."I went to gamblers anonymous the other day...what a bunch of losers"


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