Sunday, March 30, 2008

Judgement day

Lately, I've been doing a lot of reflecting. I know, that means this blog is going to be boring. Still, I think it's something everyone should do once in a while. I've recently been reading the comments on some articles, blogs, guestbooks and such where people are real quick to put someone down. It doesn't seem that they even take the time to know who they're putting down. They just make quick judgements and send it out to the electronic world for all to see. Those reading it are most likely going to believe and in turn be predetermined to that way of thinking before they see for themselves. I know we've all done it. I have in the past. For example, I've gone to concerts and thought to myself, "How can that idiot be onstage and making all that money while I sit here broke and could be doing a better job. What does he have that I don't?" Well, the answer is quite simple. You don't know what he has. You don't know what road he's had to travel to get where he is. You don't know what trials and tribulations he's had to go through. You don't know what is going on in his life at that particular moment. Ya, he may be on the big stage performing for thousands of people, but he could also be going through some of the worst years of his life. He could be dealing with drug problems, family, or whatever. Maybe he's just having a bad night. You just don't know. While we all tend to aspire to be the best person we can be, we all probably judge others on a daily basis without knowing the full story. I think it's okay to judge someone, but, to place it on the internet for all to see is just, in my opinion, not very appropriate. I generally keep these thoughts to myself and don't express them publically, anonymously or not. The judgements of those where you don't know the complete picture can cause hurt and/or turmoil in their lives. If it's someone you know personally, talk to them, don't post it on the internet. I've learned to pay compliments even when I know they're having a rough time of it. A little confidence can, sometimes, go a long way. I know, people who do reviews and critics and such, well, they fall into a different category. The people they are judging are in the limelight and expectant of the criticisms and reviews. I'm talking more on a personal level. Just think about it...would you want someone to do that to you. I guess look at it this way...When you're standing there in purgatory awaiting the judgement of your eternal destiny, do you want them judging you for one or two bad days or the whole picture of who you are. I thought so, Rock on...


Blogger Lori T said...

Don,I couldn't have said it better I think this come with age and from having a kind heart.We can only hope that more people would stop and think before they post negative stuff about others.LORI T

1:05 PM  

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