Friday, March 02, 2007

The Inhuman Family

I used to have 20 pets but my fish died so we are down to 2 dogs and 2 cats.
Here is Gandalf. Border Collie/Collie mix. I think he got more of the collie in his mix. We were told he would get between 40 and 60 lbs full grown. He currently weighs 97. He is one of the biggest lap dogs I've ever known. If any of our other pets seek any sort of attention, he will drape himself over my lap and try to keep me from any inter-action with the others. He does have a ferocious bark, only until you get to know him tho. Then you won't be able to get him off you. He's a bit needy.

This is Lady(Arwen). She is a Border-collie/Lab. She is queen of the roost but very timid around us humans. We rescued both of our dogs from the shelter and we think she may have been abused before we got her. She is very sweet and gentle and would be a lap dog as well if it wasn't for the moose(above) beating her to it. She was our first pet and we ended up getting Gandalf as a puppy so she would have someone to play with while we were at work. He has grown to twice her size but she is still in charge. Go figure. They definately are best of friends. I think our neighbors think we have demon dogs from some of the growling sounds they make outside when they play.

This is Sox, soccerball for short. He could pretty much care less about anything that goes on around the house. As long as the food is there and he has a place to leave his hairball deposits, he's good. He is probably the only cat I've known that will only eat his cat food. He doesn't do scraps or kitten treats like pounce or whatever. Just cat food. Maybe a little chicken or fish but not much of that either. Catnip, on the other hand....

We have one other picture yet. Her name is Gracie. Should be schitzo. She's quite wierd. She drools alot and is not at all intimidated by the dogs. We'll catch them playing until they notice that we see them then they scatter. Gracie also likes to lick your arms. Annoys the heck out of me.

that's the inhumans that live in our house unless you count the spiders in the crawl space.
So who lives at your house?

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Anonymous lulu said...

we have jake. (short for john chambers)theres a pic of him on myspace. we have nike,(also pic on myspace)then frank (franklin b-lack cat)and shy who is retarded. mermy and little dickie didnt make it and have since been sent to chill in the big laundry basket in the sky. i tend to collect waifs and strays of the people version also some of which include "crazy indian bitch", "biker of the small wandering variety", "large nomadic porn slinger",and "tattooed hippy bongo player".

8:55 PM  

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