Saturday, March 10, 2007


Hi I'm looking for suggestion on how to answer my phone when the annoying telemarketer or bill collector calls. I have caller ID so in reality I don't need to answer the phone. If there were some creative ways to annoy them back, I'm all for it. I have a few ideas but always looking for more.

You: Bueno(bway-no). 9 times out of 10, they will usually hang up. If someone answers back speaking spanish, just reply "no speak Espaniol" and hang up. This usually confuses them for a day or so.
TM: Is so and so home? You: WHAT!!! He's not with you, oh that little ba@#$rd is in sooo much trouble when he gets home...then hang up.
Just repeat hello over and over until they hang up.
TM: Is so and so home? You: Yes, hold please... set the phone down and don't return until you hear the disconnected beep.

Ok, I know this post is lame but I only got an hour of sleep last night.

Oh you guys have to check out this site and enter the contest. Saturday Comeback Challenge


Anonymous lulu darling said...

when you see the unavailable pop up, answer and immediatly order a pizza. just rapidly spin off toppings and then give some special instruction for your order like, "and don't be slathering it all up with sauce! I JUST WANT A REGULAR AMOUNT OF SAUCE!" when you finally let them cut in they usually say something like this isnt the pizza place, this is (insert company here.) just follow up with, "oh, i was trying to order a pizza, you must have dialed the wrong number." then hang up. this is also funny with chinese food.

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