Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Not meant to offend....

In my last post, I took an article from Townhall.com
of 25 reasons you may be a liberal. I thought the article was humorous. I received a comment anonymously stating that articles like that do nothing to bring the parties together. So, I in turn posted a link to 25 reasons you may be a conservative, also humorous but in need of spell check. While the commenter didn't offer any suggestions to help remedy the situation, they felt secure in complaining about it. I'm not saying this person should have elaborated, after all, it's just a personal blog I have here. But it did get me to thinking. It seems that this is the way of all politicians these days. All they seem to do is complain about the person they are running against. They seem to thrive on showing anything negative about the opposing candidate. They complain of inexperience or they're too old, too right, too left...you get the picture. Then at the same time they boast of a plan or change for America. But what you never hear is the actual plan or how they plan to instigate these changes. The parties are so divided right now and it's a big embarrassing shame to the people of this country. They only vote along party lines regardless of what is best for the people. It's all about what is best for the party or how best to advance their careers. Frankly, I'm getting sick of the whole thing. While I consider myself somewhat informed, I can't rely on the statements of either candidate right now. Some would say I watch too much Fox News, well I watch CNN all day at work, I see the media bias. What happened to honesty and integrity and what's best for America. Those days are gone my friend and yes, my last post did nothing to bring the parties back together. Nothing will either, at least not in the near future. We thought being attacked by terrorists on our home soil brought us together. Well, that was as short-lived as you can get. In fact it only fueled the partisan hatred. How do we change all this? I don't have the answer but you can write and show your local politicians your concern but honestly that does nothing. I wrote mine a few times and was basically given the brush off. I was answered one time tho and while briefly excited, opened the email to political propaganda for their party without the slightest reference to my complaint. The only way we are going to see change is by the power of voting. We need to encourage people who really care about matters to run for office and get the career politicians out of office.
Guess I've ranted enough but I do want to point out one thing. I have a close friend who is on the opposite end of the political spectrum. We debate sometimes and are able to agree on some points. When it's all said and done, we value each others opinion. We don't disregard each other because of the political party we tend to lean toward but agree that things can be worked out to benefit this country. Too bad it doesn't happen like that in D.C.


Anonymous MystycDawn said...

You nailed it!

3:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

We will always see this type of polarization in the adversarial two-party system. Politicians are paid to lie and is why they are so disliked by many. What is alarming to me is the amount of extreme right or left thinking published through outlets such as blogs and now on-line news forums. Granted these forums offer an outlet for free thinking for the masses, but how much of this is really free thought and not some clone spouting rehashed political left or right propaganda. It does nothing but encourage radicals such as the hypocrite Rush Limbaugh and the Hollywood Left especially since it's so difficult to gain unbiased information. The hope is middle America sees through all the diatribe and votes common sense, but with the many posts you see these days, does a middle ground exist? Don, your previous writings express a deep heart-felt understanding of the human condition, however your previous post is an example of tired generalizations which is not something I would expect from you; and still don't. We may not be able to bring parties back together, but my original reply to you was, it did nothing to bring "people" together. That can only be done by thinking for outselves and watching out for polarizing messages dressed in sheeps clothing.
Best Wishes for your 50th!

12:29 PM  
Blogger mangadezi-jr said...

I never ever asked you about your "political affiliations," because it never mattered to me . . .
I'm a minority on both sides of the family tree--
but you already know this, but I lie somewhere inbetween,
not sure why,
maybe because of the things I've seen,
maybe because of my upbringing,
but I never questioned who you were,
someone I could relate to,
no matter where you or I came from,
you were always nothing but sincere,
and that's all I ever asked for,
and for that alone you are my friend,
even if we were to disagree,
all that other stuff means nothing to me . . .

7:53 PM  
Blogger Spinner said...

Anonymous, you're completely correct in your assesment. My response in the previous post, while a bit harsh, was not directed at you personally as much as it was an outlash of people complaining but not doing anything, hence the next post. But you are also correct in saying that the post does nothing to bring people together. While in origination it was basically a stab at humor, I can see how it doesn't aid in the resolution. Thank you for responding again. I always welcome your opinion and others as well.

To magandezi-jr...that's what friendship is all about and even if our paths take us in different directions you are always and foremost a friend for life.

1:30 PM  

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