Thursday, December 04, 2008

Dear Uncle Sam

First of all, I would like to thank you for providing this great country that I live in where everyone is allowed to pursue the "American Dream" . Everyone has the right to succeed or fail, it is truly up to the individual and how hard they want their dreams to come true. I also want to thank you for providing us with a military of volunteers who will do what they must to protect family, friends and country without thinking twice about the sacrifice they are giving. I am truly proud of them.

What I am writing about has nothing to do with any of the above. I am writing to request that you bailout my family. I noticed that you seem to be giving out money to all sorts of businesses and would like my piece of the pie. First of all, you are bailing out lending institutions. I think I should get some of this bailout money because by the time I pay off my mortgage, with interest, I will have paid three times the value of my home. So if they are going to profit 200% and still need money, I should be entitled to some of that too. You are also considering bailing out the auto industry. While I agree somewhat, living in Michigan, that many jobs will be lost if you don't, I think that the greed shown by the auto industry needs to be addressed before you give them money. They have priced themselves right out of the market while the corporate bigwigs reap mega profits. Granted it goes back to the lending institutions who finance auto loans to where you pay almost double the value of the vehicle, still, I would like some of that bailout money too.
Overall, my measly lower middle class income gets taxed by federal, state and local governments, when I purchase anything, I have to pay taxes on that with money that has already been taxed, I have to pay taxes on property I already own, and if I die I have to pay taxes on that too. Not to mention how my 401k has been losing on a daily basis, but with all the regulations, I am not allowed to draw it out, I am only allowed to watch it decrease in value. So with all the greedy corporations getting bailouts while most of us Americans struggle to stay on ahead of the game, I would like to request a bailout for me and my family. Granted, we haven't done anything to deserve it, but that doesn't seem to be part of the criteria.


P.S. You should still have my address. It is the same as the one that you mailed all of the campaign promotions to. You know, the ones that said you want to help the American people.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can I get an AMEN BROTHA!!

8:34 PM  

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