Thursday, November 13, 2008

Where I stand

Okay, the elections are now past and whether your candidate won or not you have to be somewhat relieved. I grew so tired of all the commercials about how bad/evil the other guy was. Even my TV, tho not capable of feeling, seemed tired of all of it. In fact, the animal planet logo is burnt into the screen because, I believe while we were at work, it automatically turned to that channel to avoid political broadcasting. Anyway, so how are you all feeling? I have to admit, I wasn't overly happy with the results but President-elect Obama will be the new president and I will respect the President of my country, whether I agree with him or not. I have stated to a few friends that he won't get a free pass tho. There will be those watching his every move and criticizing him the whole time. That is fine and I am glad there are those out doing that. I only hope that people can do that without the viscious hateful rhetoric we heard over the past 8 years. There was so much hatred and disrespect. I was really embarrassed on how much someone could hate someone they don't even know. Call him hateful and cruel names, wish him dead and so on. I was embarrassed for the country. People on the far left or the far right can say some pretty hurtful things and unfortunately, they are the ones that the media will portray as the voice of America. Most americans don't have this hate in them. So I vow to try to support the coming administration but be it known, that when they screw up...and they will...I will be a strong voice pointing these things out and I hope you will too regardless of your party affiliation. I do promise not to be hateful, only sincere and work toward what I believe is best for this country. I am only one person and I have no political power, but I will be heard. You should be too.
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