Thursday, June 21, 2007

Dona Nobis Pacem

I realize this post was to be on June 6th so I apologize for the delay although I won't go into detail as to why. Thanks Mimi for understanding.

This was the day that everyone was to blog for peace. I missed it but I do have some thoughts on the subject. Anyone who has seen my bio knows that I'm, for the most part, pretty easy going and avoid conflict as much as possible. My favorite saying "Let Peace be your Fortune" came from a song I wrote back in the 80's and has stuck with me and carried me through some rough periods in my life. When i was younger, I was anti-war, anti-government and everything else that a rebellious youth is supposed to be. I never let it affect who I was or how I treated people tho'. I always showed respect for others no matter what their beliefs were and never forced myself onto any one else. I learned that to find real peace I had to put aside my ego, my need for power or status, my value of possessions, and to stop judging people without knowing them. I found I have better friends, I appreciate family more and look at the world in a more responsible way. I learned money doesn't make the man. In other words, when i meet someone who's rich or famous, I don't get nervous, I may have respect for them but they are not a better person than I am just because of the status they have achieved. In the same way I am no better than the homeless person living under the bridge. I guess what I'm saying is who you are is what's inside you, not what surrounds you. It's okay to have all those possessions, just don't let them run your life.

I still don't like war but believe that to do nothing and let people suffer and be tortured is just as wrong. Sometimes war may be necessary to have peace. I'm sure there are those that disagree and that's fine. This is only my opinion and has nothing to do with my opinion of the war in Iraq or any other place. I don't wish to get into a political debate.

In conclusion, look inside of yourself and find out who you truly are and you will find the ability to let more things roll off you, those who used to bother you won't really matter, the little problems eating away at you become trivial, you worry less and become a better person. Less hate or anger and a more positive outlook of yourself and those around you. Take time and appreciate the world around you and let the peace be your fortune.
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